Sunday, August 3, 2014


Things around here have been in a transitional phase for me...I've been trying to find my way through a haze of frustration and, blinding rage.  And the worst part is, there's no real explanation for the rage.  None!  It's beyond frustrating and at times is enough to make me want to cry...a lot.

But I have my art...and that is one of the few things that keeps me's some of what I've been working on lately.
These were some tags I made for a, with a little quote about flowers, too.
A bookmark swap...I love reading, so bookmarks are uber important!
This is a mixed media piece I did back in April...the theme of the art swap was "April Showers".  I REALLY didn't want to let this one go.

These page spreads are in my daily "art" journal.  I put art in quotes because I don't go all out in here...this is more journal than art, in that I write in it....a lot.  I decorate the pages because I have found that I like writing on pretty paper, and this journal holds EVERYTHING...from tips, tricks, suggestions, organizing and cleaning stuff, tangles and doodles, pictures from magazines that I like, recipes that I want to move into my recipe binder, and more.  
This piece I just finished last week...the theme of the swap was "pretty in pink".  This is another one I hated to send off.
And finally, this is this morning's creation...I found some of those plain wood cutouts at Wal-Mart on Friday.  Well, after working on some backgrounds, I grabbed the bird and laid it on my splatter paper to trace.  This morning I cut out one of the birds and glued it down in my mixed media notebook and began doodling on her with a Scarlet Lime pen, a white Uni-ball Signo and some Sharpie paint pens.   Then I cut out a wing and doodled it up too.   Once I was satisfied with it all, I drew some "stitching" to make it look like it had been sewn onto the paper.  Personally, I think I outdid

Now, on my art table (read dining room table) is more paper, glue, paint and fun...That's it for now....

Happy Arting, y'all!!!!!!

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