Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ya know....

There is something strangely satisfying...almost thrilling...about getting a new journal and putting some paint down on that first page.  Most of my friends will understand what I am talking about...some won't.  For those of you that won't...well, I can't explain it...sorry.  But, fact is....I love it!  So many options, so many things to try, new supplies to use, new paint colors to slap ALL matters and it's all so much fun!  So the picture above is the spread I created to "christen" my newest art journal.  I love how it turned out...all the bright, happy colors, the little stamps, the marks, all of it...I look at it and it makes me smile...and I run my hands across the page and my smile grows from the feel of the textures beneath my's artistic nirvana, what can I say!?

These two are also spreads recently done in the new journal.  And by recently, I'm talking this morning.  I love it when I am working and the ideas just keep coming, and the NEED to create just takes over and I lose track of time.  That is bliss to me.

Also, I've noticed that I've started looking at items around the house with one question foremost in my mind..."how can I use that in/for my art?".  Again...most of my friends will understand...they'll "get it", because they're also artists.  The friends who won't get it, probably aren't reading this anyway, so there isn't a need to try to explain.  It's taken husband saw me stashing cereal boxes and asked why..."to use for my art!"  He gave me a strange know the one...the one that says the other person is concerned for your mental well-being and wondering if the men in white coats should be called out?  Yup...that's the one.  That's the look he gave me before returning his attention to the football game he'd been watching.  I even have the kids doing it now, as well.  My son checks the mail and brings me the "junk mail" he thinks I might be able to use...sweet boy.  My youngest daughter went through the pantry the other day and started checking expiration dates on boxes...why?  So that we could dump the expired food and break down the box for my  But they see the way it works, too.  It's reducing waste...reusing/recycling, and making the world a better, PRETTIER place to be.  I like  

Another example of repurposing....or whatever you wanna call it...the two pics above are of a paper grocery bag that I cut, painted and prepped to make handmade envelopes with...and why not?  The grocery bag paper is thicker than any of the paper my store bought envelopes are made with...and I'd decorate those anyway, so why not just skip the bullshit and make the damn things, it's just another outlet for my creativity to run hog-ass wild through.  I like it!

I am also proud to say that I took the plunge, and I listed the above canvas on Etsy!  Yup...I did it....both of my girls applauded...I guess we'll see where it goes.

Ok, well, that's all the time you're getting from me this afternoon.  I'm going back to my paints, journal, stencils, pens, paper bags and food boxes and creating prettiful things to share with the world!

Later, y'all!

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