Saturday, June 20, 2015

Artful Journeys Week 25 and more!

So, this week at Artful Journeys we dove into a whole new arena for our prompt....shaving foam backgrounds!  As far as I know, only one of our admin team had done these before this week...the rest of us were shaving foam virgins.  It was AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!!!!!!

I never realized how much fun you could have a with a can of shaving foam and some ink or craft paint.

So what we start with is some shaving foam in the bottom of a shallow pan, spread into a relatively smooth layer, then sprinkled/drizzled with ink or paint.  Once you have your paint/ink drizzled around, you use some sort of tool (i used the end of my paintbrush), to "drag" your ink or paint around.  Once you're happy with it, you lay your paint in it, press it down gently, and then pull it out.  Grab a scraper of some sort, and drag all the shaving foam off, leaving just the color this...

How freaking cool are those???  And so fun and easy!!!!!!  I will DEFINITELY be doing this again!!!

And now for the index cards I've gotten done this week for ICAD 2015 -

I haven't been hugely creative this week, but I have been trying.

Happy arting and thanks for stopping by to take a look!!!


  1. Your shaving foam backgrounds totally rock, Melody and I love your ICADS for the week. I got zero of them done this week.

  2. Love love love your shaving cream prompt. We need to buy a case of this stuff and make a million of them. Lol
    Very good job!!!

  3. Very cool backgrounds Melody! They look like expensive Italian marbled paper!