Saturday, September 5, 2015

Artful Journeys - Wk 36 - Oh the places you'll go

So, I have always dreamed of traveling...I love exploring "new" (to me) places.  I love looking at houses and buildings and all the sights a new place has to offer.  But the one place I have ALWAYS dreamed of seeing in person, is Ireland.  So since this week's prompt is about "creating" a "travel ad" for your favorite/dream destination, I was really excited about doing a spread on Ireland...that excitement was short lived, lol.  I had a lot of trouble finding images that were just the right size so that I could get them all onto my spread.  It wasn't working!!!  Well, Betty said she was going digital, and with all the pics I had saved on my puter, I knew I could do the same and still be able to use almost all of them without any problem or extra paper!

A Pinterest search of Ireland gave me access to SO MANY great images that it was hard to choose, but I did my best, saving them to the computer to print and cut...ugh, cutting!  The problem was, a wallet size was too big, and a contact print was too small.  With the online amazingness that is PicMonkey, I could make the images as big or as small as I wanted!

I started by uploading a background from a previous prompt....this one to be exact....

A little cropping and it was just the backgroun and I was ready to roll.  Now I won't be posting pics of the images  I used, as that might be a copyright no-no and I don't wanna be getting into any trouble, but I will show you a pic of my completed spread after everything was added to the background above.  PicMonkey is just wonderful!  Easy to use, and with plenty of options for creating digital layouts or just editing existing's really up to you!

So, without any further blabbin', here's my spread for this week's prompt:

I was incredibly pleased with how this turned out and want to give a shoutout to PicMonkey for making it possible.

That's it for this week....thanks for stopping by to take a look and be sure to go and see what the other girls have created for you this week!

Later, y'all!


  1. Very nice spead Ms. Melody. I would also like to see Ireland.

  2. This turned out very well, Melody. You've made me want to pack my bags for a nice long trip to the Emerald Isle!

  3. ypur bold green background really gives the feeling of the lushness of Ireland! it all looks so juicy all together!

  4. Thank you so much girls! You know, I have always loved everything I've seen from Ireland and I have wanted to go for as long as I could remember....maybe one day!