Friday, November 28, 2014

Pre-Launch prompt 1-add a year calendar

It's finally here!!!  The big reveal has taken place, and Artful Journeys is up and running!

So, now that everything is out in the open, the blog has had a facelift, and I'm not skulking in the shadows anymore, chomping at the bit to share other things I've been working's the page I created for our first prompt...
Just a single page for this one...I used Apple Barrel Bright Magenta for the background, applied with a makeup sponge, then glued down this calendar I found on Pinterest.  Using a white, Signo pen, I wrote the promise to myself and initialed it!  Voila, done!

I am looking forward to keeping track of my journey this coming year, and sharing it with all of you!  See you soon!


  1. Love the updated look of your blog, Melody and your calendar page is awesomely magenta!

    1. Thank you, Miss Betty! Glad you could stop by!