Monday, December 1, 2014


Well, December is here, as is the cold and wind in North Texas!

Our joint venture, Artful Journeys is up and running and seeming to do well, which for one, I am grateful.  I'm hoping to see our numbers climb as we progress...

So, I have decided to do a December Daily type thing this year...although I will probably just include it in my daily art journal, simply because working in more than one journal is just too distracting for me.  And to have THREE going at the same time means something will get ignored.  It's just how shit works in my house...what can I say?

So, every post relating to December Daily will have a tag added to it, so that it's easy to find, but that's about where the total separation is gonna

So really, this post is just a quick intro, and I will be adding more soon...thanks for popping create something beautiful and delicious!

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