Saturday, January 17, 2015

Artful Journeys Week 3 prompt - Paint it Blue (with a palette knife or other flat object)

Well, this prompt gave me some  I had the blue down, but honestly, I just wasn't feeling it at all!  So, what's a girl to do when she can't stand looking at her background?  START OVER!!!! So, that's just what I did!

This week I used my large Dylusions journal and started by gluing down a bunch of pieces of paper.  I really like starting my pieces this way because 1) it gives a little extra texture to each piece, 2) little bits and pieces of words and pictures show through, and 3) because the blank page seems to give me problems when I'm creating!  So the papers help with all of that and frees me up to work a little more intuitively.  

I really just let this spread take over and go where it wanted...I didn't have much of anything in mind other than using a bunch of different shades of what do you say we just get to it and see what happened?

So, like I said, I started by gluing down a bunch of papers....

I forgot to take a picture before I started adding my blue paint, but honestly, do you really need a picture of a bunch of damn paper glued onto another piece of paper?  Yeah, I didn't think

So, now for all the blue paint....

Now, I let it dry for a bit, then stared at it for a bit more...and I have to tell you, I was about to start over again when I thought of I grabbed  the paints you see below and started playing.

And this is what developed....

Three little dots of paint onto the paper, and then I just swirled it around with my finger....I am not really a finger painter...not sure why, I don't care if it's all over my hands but for some reason finger painting is not my cup of tea, so circles like this are kind of hard for me to deal with...usually I use a brush, but something in me said I needed to use my finger...

Once the circles were dry I grabbed some various stuff out of my goody box and got busy....

I used some punchinella, some plastic canvas, hand carved stamps, and some textured craft foam to add more layers, depth and texture to it.

No quotes, no writing, no pictures...just paint and ink...It's been a while since I've created a page like this to just stand on it's own with nothing else on it, but the process was so relaxing.  I took them it out onto the patio this morning for more pictures, but they're way bluer than the actual page...while the pictures above are kind of washed out...same spread, same camera...go figure... but here they are.

And there it is...  I'm including a list of my supplies used below, but I'm leaving out the paints since I included pictures above.


Black archival ink
Brilliance pigment ink in Calypso Sky
Textured craft foam sheets, 
hand carved stamps,
prima script stamp
Tim Holtz Burlap layering stencil 
Tim Holtz Bubbles stencil 
plastic canvas, 
Scarlet Lime pen
UHU glue stick

Thanks for looking, and happy arting, y'all!


  1. Wow this spread is just fabulous Melody. The Blues are you used are awesome!
    Love the hand craved stamps. You rock girl.

    1. Thanks, Lynn! I love almost all shades of blue, and once I got re-started on this spread, it really did just kind of take over. Glad you stopped by to look!