Saturday, March 28, 2015

Artful Journeys - Week 13

This weeks prompt was damn near the death of me!!!  For our prompt at Artful Journeys we had - Northern Lights/Stars.  Now I love the Northern Lights.  Would love to go see them!  Painting them however, proved too much for my limited talents and abilities, so I dropped back to the Stars part of our prompt.  I must have tried painting the Northern Lights at least 30 times, and every time my paintbrush went flying across the room in frustration.  My dog could have done a better job trying to paint them, and she is NOT a smart dog...doesn't possess any real talent, and gives no indication, on most days, that there is even a working brain in her head (much like me after a day of teenagers fighting).  So I did what I always do when I need some inspiration and a kick start.....I went to Google!  I started by searching for "nebulas"...and found a SUPER cool infra red pic of the Eagle Nebula...and I got to work!  Here is the picture I used for my inspiration....Gorgeous, isn't it?  And of course, it's just my color scheme!

 So, I started with Liquitex Basics in Mars Black and covered both pages in my small Dylusions journal.  Then, I flicked some watered down Basics in Titanium White all over before adding anything else.

 Here, I've gone in with Amsterdam in Turquoise, using my large round brush by Dina Wakley and began slowly adding my colors...this was by no means a quick spread.  All  told it took almost 3 hours from start to finish...that's a lot of painting time for

Here it is with most of the turquoise done....

The turquoise is done, and now I went back in with Diox purple (Basics) and began the process all over with that.

As is par for the course, I got caught up in what I was doing and forgot to take pictures as I started each new color, but I also added Basics Med. Magenta, Quin Magenta, and Bright Aqua Green.

Then I came back with some pearlescent acrylic ink and some watered down Titanium White and flicked it at the spread again.

I discovered, during the flicking process, that I suck at    I got more paint on me, the laptop and the dining room table than I did the damn spread, but I did finally get what I felt was an adequate amount of "stars" onto the paper.

Then last, but not least, using a black water based Sharpie paint marker, I added a quote that just made me smile....

I was informed that I don't use my own writing enough, so I

And there you have it!  My take on Week 13's prompt!  I hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for stopping by to look.  Please share some blog love and tell your friends to come on by, too!

Later, y'all!


  1. I just love your spread this week, Melody. I so always enjoy reading about how you get from start to finish and I can just see you flinging that paintbrush across the room and gettin' all in a fizz. The end result is bright, bold and beautiful....just like you! Great job.

    1. Thanks, Betty! The more I look at this one the more I love how it turned out. It took me forever to get all the white paint cleaned up and there's one spot on my laptop that refuses to come off...but what the!