Saturday, May 2, 2015

Week 18 - Go Fly a Kite

I have to tell you, this has been one of those weeks...a crap-tastic walking nightmare of epic this week's prompt was a bit of a respite for me, as it let me separate myself from everything else that's been going on, and just play for a little while.

I started in my large Dylusions journal and painted a sky....I really loved how the background itself came out, and it looks like the perfect sky to fly a kite in...

Then I got to work trying to draw some kites to cut out...well, there  was no way in hell that was happening!  They were all wonky and lopsided....then I had an epiphany!

Taking a rectangle of paper, I folded it in half longways, and cut it, starting at the crease, and going out towards the edges...2 cuts and a symmetrical kite emerged!

I was so excited by those damn kites!  Then I used the folds to give them some dimension so that they looked as if they were actually flying

The kites were made from various pieces of underpaper, and look so fun!

See what I mean about the crease?  So much fun!

I also did my calendar for the month of May!  I have to tell you, the calendar almost didn't get done...the goal was to use orange and lime green, which I did in the background under the flowers, but I hated that damn background.  Still not sure what I think of it, but it's as done as it's gonna get at this point.  Here's a few close up shots...

There you go!  That's really just about all I've gotten done this week...hoping to have more art to show y'all next week.

Until then, stay creative and happy arting, y'all!!

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