Saturday, April 25, 2015

Week 17 - Channel your inner Picasso

This was a really tough prompt for me...I'm not a person that draws well.  I'm just not.  My artistic abilities are barely good enough to clue in my "partners" in Draw Something, but sometimes I like giving it a shot.  And I was thinking, oh, well, Picasso, how damn hard can THAT be?  Harder than you would think!!!

But I took a pencil to one of my backgrounds and started playing around...first, I drew a fish.  Extra fins, an extra tail thing...but it didn't look weird enough, so I started adding some extra facial features....extra eyes, kissy lips.....and I got so excited,

I decided to try a crab.  But first...well, first I had to figure out how to draw the damn thing!  So off to pinterest I went, but of course, being an artist who doesn't "draw", my crab looked NOTHING like any of the ones I looked at for inspiration, but it's Picasso-esque...sort of...maybe, so what the hell?  So, again, I started adding stuff...

Then I decided to try my hand at an octopus...not exactly a spot on rendition, but still having some again I added the extra features..

and THIS is what I came up with!

And since this is supposed to be about stretching ourselves past our comfort zone,  I didn't redo it and try out some "cubism" that Picasso was big into.   This isn't my favorite spread I've ever done, but I don't hate it.


  1. Good job Melody, and you left lots of room to journal about your Picasso experience! That's what we're supposed to do in our journals, right....?? Journal.

    1. Thanks, Betty! And you're absolutely right...we are supposed to journal in our journals..HA!!!!!

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  2. You rocked this prompt!!! Love the cool sea creatures!!!