Sunday, July 26, 2015

Artful Journeys - Week 30 - playing peek-a-boo

It's been a while since I was good and happy with one of my spreads, but I really love how this week's came out.  I think the hardest part for me was the paint shading.

Our challenge for this week was to paint in our 3 favorite colors, then stamp thru a stencil over our background.  It dawned on me, after I was done with it, that I hadn't used an "image" stamp, but since I love how it turned out, I'm not gonna worry about that little oversight.

So let me get started by showing you what I did, then I will let you know what I used.  Here we go.......

So I started with a background I'd done a few days ago, but I didn't like the paint, so I grabbed my gesso and started fresh.

Here's the spread after the paint is finished...I would have been content to leave it like this, but the prompt said do more, so I did.  The reason I had trouble with the blending is because for this spread, I went to the tried and true craft acrylics, but you gotta be quick because they dry wicked fast!

Here's my first round choices for the stamping thru a stencil.

Here's a shot of the page after I went thru the stencil with my stamp.

And here's a closeup of one of the stamped spots.

And here is round you can see, I took the pic after I did the stamping, but I was just glad I remembered the damn picture.

And here's a shot of my stamp thru this stencil.

And finally, round 3

And how it looked afterwards.

Here's a shot of the completed spread as a whole.

Here's a shot of the left page.

And a shot of the right page.
Now, for all the supplies used...3 colors of craft paint, a sheet of scrapbook paper, Adirondak ink pads in stream and wild plum and a black archival ink pad, 2 Dylusions stamps and one by Prima Marketing, A dylusions stencil and a Heidi Swap stencil.  Pretty sure that covers it, aside from the usual glue stick, paintbrushes, fingers and water, lol.

Now, in other creative happenings, I have gotten some more of my index cards for ICAD 2015 completed, and I am finally almost caught up!  I'm pretty excited, to tell you the truth because last year I didn't even make it past the first week with this challenge....












The actual point of the challenge is to do one a day, but back towards the beginning of the challenge I fell behind and was 14 days out, but I really wanted to complete this years, so I have been steadily plugging away at it!

Thanks for stopping by to take a look and I'll catch y'all next week!

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