Sunday, July 19, 2015

Artful Journeys Wk 29 - A List

We all have one...a bucket list...Things we really want to do/try before we leave this awesome life.  But let's face it, most of the time, we don't even acknowledge, or put in writing, those things.  Some are big, some are small, some are HUGE, and most put us WAAAAAAAAAAY out of our comfort zones, which is why they're on the bucket list.

Well, this week at AJ, we want you to acknowledge your bucket list...give it a place in your journal, and maybe even work at marking some things off of it!

I started with a background that I'd done a couple of months ago, made with acrylics and map pieces, then got to work....

I added a set of 50 die-cut states, leaving Texas out of it, because I live here already...and glued them down all over the two page spread, then wrote out my list and edged it with a black gelato and glued it down.  Easy peasy...I hope at some point to mark those little things off my list.

Also this week, I got some more index cards for the ICAD 2015 project created...nothing spectacular, but the creativity was they are...

Paper, cardboard, brads and some sheet music

Brayered craft paint background, some drywall tape, a little mini file folder sent to me from a wonderful friend and a brad.

Acrylics scraped on with an empty gift card, some marks and a piece of a coaster from one of my favorite places to eat, along with my fave foods to eat there!

Random bits and bobs from my work area.

More random bits and pieces

feathers cut from a catalog, an altered globe image from a magazine, some ribbon on mop up card, as well as a few rhinestones and a piece of flair

a fabric sample colored with India ink, a piece of a catalog and some butterfly punches

bookpage glued onto an index card, with some tissue paper pieces and a quote by Mary Lou Retton

Not a bad week creatively speaking, although the spread is the only thing in the art journal that's gotten done this week...I find it incredibly hard to create when the kids are in the house with me...they are creativity suckers.  But, I love them, so they get to live, lol.

On Friday, I went and got my nails's always nice to get away from the house for a couple of hours just for me, and to have something to show for it...

A little bit of the beach at my fingertips...oh, how I wish I were there
And that's it for me!  Hope you have a terrific week of art and love!

Later, Y'all!!!!!

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