Saturday, December 13, 2014

Pre-Launch #3

Wow...I'm looking at the calendar as I type this and realize there's only a week and a half until Christmas. Are YOU ready???  We've gotten all but ONE of the big gifts bought...the rest can be picked up in bits and pieces as they're found...

But!  That's not why I'm here, I'm here to share with you my take on the Pre-Launch #3 prompt, Winter Wonderland.
the full view of my 2 page spread...

A close up of one side...

And a close up of the other side...
Keep in mind, do NOT have to create a 2 page spread every time you do a prompt, or any kind of work in your's a personal preference thing...there are no rules other than being true to yourself.

Supplies used:
Acrylic paints
Liquid pearls
Inka Gold
UHU glue stick
450 glue
Stabillo Marks all pencil 
White uniball Signo pen

The order in which I did this stuff may not be true to how I actually did it, and I take pictures as I went...I'm sorry.I'm still trying to get used to blogging with an instructional mindset...

I painted the background first, then cut and laid down the white cardstock to make my snow drifts.

The trees are plain white cardstock, painted with 2 shades of green using a makeup sponge, then folded and fussy cut on an angle to create a tree once it was unfolded...super simple, really.

Once I got the trees into place, and glued down using my 450, I went to work on decorating them...Stickles and Liquid Pearls were my weapons of choice here, and like everything else down here in Texas, there's no such thing as too much...I loaded those trees up!  I believe the best looking trees are the ones that look like they could collapse under the weight of their ornaments.

Once the Stickles and Liquid Pearls were dry, I went around the trees and snow drifts with my marks all pencil, then used a waterbrush on the marks...a little depth, tho if I'm honest, I suck at that

Next came, for me anyways, the MOST fun part...MAKING SNOWFLAKES!!!!!  Yes, I do have a thing for snowflakes, just in case you didn't "snow" that by looking at the background.  Using my white, Uniball Signo broad tip pen, I made snowflakes all over the blue sky, as if it were still snowing there.

Then, feeling as tho my trees were still lacking somewhat, I made little white dots all over them around and between the it snow, call them worked.

I also used the crystal Stickles on the snow drifts...all along the edge to give it a little "shimmer".  Once I was sure everything was good and dry, I took some Inka Gold in Silver, and using my finger tip, lightly swiped some across the page, to resemble blowing snow.  At least, that was the idea behind it when I did

And there you have it...Winter Wonderland for Artful Journeys!  Hope you enjoyed reading about my process!

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  1. Wow you did such a good job on these pages!