Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pre-Launch Prompt #2

I have to say, I am so glad I thought to bring my laptop with me on our weekend jaunt to Oklahoma...I can't even imagine trying to do a blog post from my phone or

So, this week's prompt is to catalog our paints/markers/pencils/etc.  Well, I'll just be straight up honest with ya, right now...I didn't do all of them.  I have 3 sets of colored pencils, and pastels that I did NOT even touch for this prompt!!!  And, I am pretty sure that I missed quite a few bottles of paint, as  Also, I didn't get all OCD about this...I've seen some color catalogs, broken down into Brands, colors and all the grids of color nice and neat and uniform.  Yeah...I did NOT to that...but I did catalog most of the paints and ALL of my Tim Holtz distress markers...I figured that was a good enough

My Tim Holtz markers...some of them need to be replaced as they don't get used much, because if I decide to add something to a page later, that shit is gonna go slip sliding all over the place!
Now for the paints...

There are more...and I have acquired more since I made these charts, which I have added to the list there...but no picture! Sorry!

So there you have it...I am not loyal to one brand or another...I am not worried about perfectly aligned boxes of color, or anything like that...I just can't!  This prompt was hard for me, because I don't like quite a few of the colors I have, but I keep them in case I need to use them...although, I have to admit, I would rather have pink grass in a pic, than use a green that actually looks like grass.  It's just me.  I didn't sort out the paints by brand, because that is NOT how I have them sorted at home...they're sorted by color - pinks/teals/aquas/blues/reds/purples/'s what works for me...might not work for you...and that's OK!

Hope to see what you decide to do with your colors...until next time...

Happy Arting!


  1. Fantastic and what's wrong with pink grass?

    1. Thanks, Tiff!!!! Glad you stopped by! I don't have a problem with pink grass, personally, but then I love pink, so I wouldn't...if I thought I could get away with bringing home a Pink Christmas tree, you can bet it would be a done